New HRM housing plan allows up to eight units per lot, taller buildings in some residential areas

Via releases:

Halifax council has approved a $79.3 million initiative under the federal Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) to expedite housing development. The HAF is a federal program designed to speed up the creation of new homes by eliminating barriers such as slow permitting processes and high development fees. The plan aims to build 2,600 housing units in the next three years and over 8,866 units in the next decade.

This initiative involves significant zoning changes, allowing for more housing units per lot and taller buildings in key areas. Specifically, it permits four housing units per lot within the service boundary, and up to eight units per lot in most urban core residential areas. Additionally, it allows for buildings up to nine stories on key transit routes and includes the expansion of heritage areas and approval of dozens of specific developments.

During a two-day public hearing, residents shared their mixed reactions. Supporters emphasized the urgent need for housing, especially for younger community members, and praised the council for taking steps to address housing shortages. They believed these changes would create more opportunities and make Halifax a more inclusive city.

On the other hand, some residents and councillors expressed concerns about the rapid pace of the plan’s development. Critics argued that the quick implementation, driven by the July 1 federal funding deadline, might undermine public trust and called for more time and engagement to ensure the changes are beneficial and sustainable. Despite these concerns, the council unanimously approved the plan, highlighting the necessity to meet the city’s growing housing demand due to its rapid population growth.

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