New Member call-out! Bloomfield Community Greenhouse

In September of 2011, the Bloomfield Community Greenhouse officially opened its doors and we’re looking for new members!

About the Greenhouse:

Bloomfield_GreenhouseIn 2010 Imagine Bloomfield and the Ecology Action Centre teamed up to build a community greenhouse next to the Bloomfield Community Garden at the corner of Almon and Agricola streets.

The greenhouse is a passive solar design that functions 10-12 months of the year. It offers North End residents an exciting opportunity to grow greens throughout the winter months, propagate transplants in the spring, and grow warmer weather crops in the summer. We’re currently looking for  small handful of intrigued and committed members who would like to build their skills in greenhouse operation, work and learn collectively, and share this knowledge and resource with the public.

Becoming a Member: IMG_0404

Being a member means you will have a space to grow in the ground of the greenhouse (a bed that is approx. 2’x4’), as well as a shelf to start seedlings. It also means that you are committed to working with the other members of the greenhouse to set up the space, manage the building operations, and build up collective skills and resources.

Membership Details

We have a Membership Outline that is given to each new member as well as have them sign a Membership Commitment form.

Annual Membership running September 2013- September 2014

Membership Fee is $20 annually. If cost is a barrier please just let us know.

Membership is open to residents in the North End of Halifax, and will be addressed on a first come, first serve basis.

Membership Responsibilities

Members should be prepared to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours/week (regular maintenance visits) plus an additional 2 hours each month for team meetings, work parties, or other events. This time includes tending to your own plants, doing collective greenhouse management, sharing your learnings, and attending monthly membership meetings. And no worries if you’re an inexperienced grower- we’re here to learn together!


If you live in the North end of Halifax and are interested in become part of our greenhouse team for the 2013/14 year, please contact:

Aimee Carson at

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Q Lofts, Maynard St. Here is a updated picture of the Q Lofts in the North…