New “no right turn on red” rule on Jubilee Road at Oxford Street prompts mixed reviews

Drivers say morning traffic from Connaught Avenue is causing problems

By James Piercey

Drivers coming into the downtown core via Connaught Avenue are up in arms over a recent change at the intersection of Jubilee Road and Oxford Street.

Going forward, right hand turns from Jubilee Road to Oxford are no longer permitted. This restriction comes from the municipality’s Strategic Road Safety Plan, which focuses on reducing transportation-related accidents and injuries on roads. 

People took to twitter to say how they felt about the recent traffic announcement.

This is not the only ongoing issue that Jubilee Road faces. Another issue that Haligonians face is not being able to see oncoming traffic along Jubilee Road. 

City Councilor for District 7, Waye Mason says he supports having a no right turn on red light at the intersection of Jubilee Street and Oxford Street because he says there have been too many collisions.

“I can tell you the school communities are generally pretty happy with this change, though there is concern this could lead to more shortcutting around Tupper,” says Mason, “I support no right turn on red at all intersections.

One twitter user also suggested a traffic barrier to prohibit stop signs and including bump outs for Jubilee Road.

Mason says there is an approved plan to build some tactical bump outs at Jubilee and Preston. He says there are already bump outs at Jubilee and Vernon.

“[this] has historically been a problem with the crosswalk at the top of a hill making sightlines poor, and people trying to cross Jubilee in cars,” he says.

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