New NS Health facility to focus on transitioning patients from hospital to home care

Nova Scotia Health is planning to open a new care center in Bedford in 2024, run by Shannex. This place will have 68 beds and will help people who have been in the hospital and might need long-term care to get better and go back to their homes.

Dr. Christine Short, a senior medical director, said this new way of helping people after they leave the hospital will be really good for patients and the healthcare system. It will focus on helping people recover after hospital care so they can go home successfully. Having these extra beds will also help the daily running of hospitals.

The new center will feel more like a home, helping people get ready to go back to living in their community. It should also help with the long waits in emergency rooms and the problem of not enough beds in hospitals by making more hospital beds available.

Michelle Thompson, the Minister of Health and Wellness, said that the government is working to improve care for people in Nova Scotia. By turning an existing building into this new center, they can quickly create a place that meets people’s needs and also make more space in hospitals.

The center will have big private rooms, air conditioning, comfortable beds, natural surroundings, and places for people to get together and eat or play, which will help them move around more, meet others, and feel less lonely.

Jason Shannon, the president of Shannex, said this center will make a big difference in healthcare in Nova Scotia. Shannex has a long history of providing health care in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario, and they are excited to help new patients get ready to go back home.

Shannex, which has been around for 35 years, will run the center for Nova Scotia Health. Health professionals from Nova Scotia Health will also be there to work with Shannex, the patients, and their caregivers to get ready for the move home, connect them to community programs and services, and follow up with them after they leave.

This center is a chance for Nova Scotia to try new ways of caring for people and new technologies, like wearable devices and smart monitoring. Dr. Gail Tomblin-Murphy, a vice-president and chief nursing officer, said these new ideas will help make sure people get the right care and can smoothly move back into the community. They are excited to work with Shannex, known for their innovative work.

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