New Opens and Sunnyside and How to Read Costco Pricetags

Sunnyside Mall is coming back to life with World Tea House, Liquid Gold and Middle Spoon all opening.

Ideal Bikes is opening a 2nd locatation in Bayers Lake to compliment their Barrington St store.

Sticking with bikes, Cyclesmith has headed north, they have now moved from  Quinpool to Agricola in front of the NSLC.

and since it is a light load this week I will add this rough guide to reading the price tags at Costco


I once saw a Cusinart Ice Cream Maker on special for $16.97* and I didn’t buy it but decided overnight. I would go back the next day and buy it. When I got there the next day there were 6 left and it was $11.00  it was originally listed at $44.99

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