New Police Complaints Commissioner Appointed

Judith McPhee is Nova Scotia’s newest police complaints commissioner.

Her appointment was announced today, Sept. 14, by Justice Minister and Attorney General Diana Whalen.

Ms. McPhee is a retired lawyer with over 38 years of work experience in government. She received the Queen’s counsel designation in 2011. During her time at the Department of Justice, Ms. McPhee held senior roles including chair of the Implementation Committees for both the Nunn Commission and Hyde Inquiry, as well as leading the development and implementation of Nova Scotia’s first mental health court and executive director of Policy and Information Management. She also serves on the Criminal Code Review Board and was vice-chair of the Police Review Board up until her appointment as commissioner.

“We are very pleased Ms. McPhee has agreed to take on the role of commissioner,” said Ms. Whalen. “Her vast legal experience, as well as her experience with the Police Review Board, make her extremely qualified for the job.”

Ms. McPhee’s term is for three years and begins October
1st. She will replace Nadine Cooper Mont, who has held the position for the past 15 years.

“I would like to thank Ms. Cooper Mont for her many years of service,” said Ms. Whalen. “Her commitment to the office has been much appreciated.”

The Office of Police Complaints Commissioner is an arms-length agency that investigates complaints against municipal police. It also provides support to the Police Review Board, which hears and rules on police complaint appeals.

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