New primary health care clinic to boost access in Antigonish

NS Health release:

To improve access to primary health care and attract new physicians, Nova Scotia Health is working with local physicians to create a collaborative family practice in Antigonish, scheduled to open in the fall of 2025.

In a collaborative family practice, physicians, nurse practitioners, and allied health care professionals work together to provide care. This means patients will have access to a variety of services such as nursing, dietary needs, and social work under one roof.

“Doctors have told us that they want to work in environments where they can collaborate with other health care professionals,” said Michelle Thompson, Minister of Health and Wellness. “These professionally supportive practices lead to better patient care and help communities like Antigonish recruit and retain more doctors so residents can get the health care they need and deserve, faster.”  

The introduction of a collaborative care clinic in Antigonish is part of an overall plan to enhance access to health care in the Antigonish community.

“We appreciate that patients of those physicians nearing retirement are concerned about future access to health care, so our hope is that we can quell some of those concerns with the creation of this clinic,” said Sarah O’Brien, director of Primary Health Care in Nova Scotia Health’s Eastern Zone. “Within a collaborative care clinic, a team-based approach to care will ensure patients have timely access to care by the right provider to meet their needs.”

In support of the project, Nova Scotia Health issued a request for proposal (RFP) for the construction of a new community space for the clinic that has been awarded to Parsons Investment Limited. The clinic will be located at D38 Rd., Greenwold, Antigonish Co.

“Collaboration is a key component of this project, and Nova Scotia Health is committed to working closely with the current Antigonish physician group, allied health care professionals and community partners to ensure clinic operations are informed by their perspective and guidance,” O’Brien said.

The Antigonish Collaborative Clinic is part of government’s recent announcement around new and expanded primary health care clinics across the province. For more information around Parsons Investment Limited, visit here.

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