New products spotted (P. II)

A quick post today, ladies. Thought I was done with updating you with new products when I found a new display. This is a great news for my local readers only, unfortunately, cause it’s at Lawtons.

I saw this display at Lawtons yesterday. It is the Wet n Wild Pixie Holiday collection with the ColorIcon Eye kits (LE) that we have been waiting for so long. I almost gave up the though that Canada would ever get them. Lawtons just stocks it a day or two ago, totally new.

The display has 3 slots for each kit, and this was taken before I grabbed some for myself. So if you live near a Lawtons, go check it out as soon as you can. The kits retail CAD6.99 each (vs. $4.99 in the US).

For those of you in other provinces, I am hoping Rexall or Superstore will follow suit to have these out on their shelves, seeing how the Wet n Wild’s Vixen’s Mittens made an appearance lately.

Here are what I got:
Sugar Plum Fairy with bonus purple eyeliner pencil, and
– Night Elf with bonus black eyeliner pencil.

I picked the 2 that I most wanted. They each have at least one colour that I’d love to own. The other 2 are nice too, but I thought I already have too many similar colours.
I haven’t swatched them yet, but based on what I saw on blogs, the colours in these LE palettes are all shimmery. Keep that in mind when you shop and maybe grab a palette from their regular line for matte shades.

A bonus haul pic: I found the L.A Girl Metal collection on clearance at Lawtons (downtown location) for CAD.74 a bottle. Couldn’t believe my eyes. These were CAD2.99 reg. Lots of nail bloggers raved about them, I thought they would be permanent at Lawtons. Not anymore.

– First row, from L-R, the warm shades: Gold Plated, Antique Gold, Bronze Medal, Trilogy and Brass.
– Second row, the cool shades: Alkaline Blue, Metallic Olive and Sterling Silver.

I grabbed all the colours there were in the basket. Bet you I am missing some as there are more than 10 shades in this line, but I’m happy with what I found. Cheers!

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