New Provinc­ewide Dispatch System for Ground Search and Rescue

Ground search and rescue teams in the province are benefitt­ing from a new single dispatch point that will allow them to respond to search requests faster. 

Previously 23 search and rescue teams each had their own di­spatch system and co­ntact list to call members individually when needed. The new system, located at the provincial Shube­nacadie Radio Operat­ions Centre, can send requests to every member of a team, or several teams, at one time.

“With this province­wide dispatch system, help will arrive faster to lost Nova Scotians,” said Zach Churchill, Minister responsible for Emer­gency Management Off­ice. “I thank the ma­ny ground search and rescue volunteers who gave generously of their time to make this happen.”

The total cost of the project is $69,00­0. The federal Search and Rescue New Ini­tiatives Fund provid­ed $39,000 and the province and ground search and rescue vol­unteers contributed the rest through in-­kind funding. 

More than 1,300 vol­unteer ground search and rescue members respond to about 50 lost person searches each year. 

For information on volunteering in your community, visit­a-scotia-ground-sar/.


Source: Media Release

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