New provincial program transforms stolen assets into crime-fighting resources

A new program in the province is offering one-time financial help to groups that work on stopping crime and helping crime victims. This program, called the Civil Forfeiture Grant Program, uses money and items seized by police from illegal activities. These items, once owned by criminals, are now owned by the province.

Brad Johns, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, explains that crime impacts everyone by making us feel less safe and secure. The goal is to use the criminals’ property to do good in our communities and stop it from being used for more crime.

Groups that can get this funding include community non-profits, Indigenous and African Nova Scotian organizations, and others helping less-privileged communities. Local governments, police groups, and schools can also apply for this money.

Some key points:

  • Groups must get their project checked by their local police board before applying.
  • Each project can get up to $50,000.
  • Individual people cannot apply for this funding.

This is important because it turns the negative of crime into a positive by using the criminals’ assets to support community safety and help those affected by crime.

Via Provincial Release

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