New Research Puts Spotlight on Canadian Reading Habits


We all like to relax in different ways after a hard day at work and it is fair to say we are not short of options when it comes unwinding.

For instance, mobile gaming has gone to a whole new level in the past couple of years with famous franchises such as Mario Kart and Call of Duty making the leap onto smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, Disney+ is just the latest of a number of streaming services to be available in Canada and places a range of TV shows and exciting blockbuster movies at our fingertips.

Furthermore, thanks to gaming sites like Betway, you can now pass the time with a responsible bet on different online casino games.

However, with so much going on when it comes to the digital world, new research has revealed that many people still enjoy one of life’s most delightful simple pleasures – reading a book.

Engaged with reading

The literary world has enjoyed a strong year in 2019, with Canada’s very own Margaret Atwood behind one of the year’s biggest releases. The Testaments is of course the much-discussed sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale and is set around 15 years after the events of the original book.

Now, a study by Ipsos, which was commissioned by Indigo Books & Music, has revealed that Canadian adults aged between 18 and 70 are still very much engaged with reading. In fact, the research found that they spend an average of six hours a week with their heads in a book, with more than a third even choosing to tackle two or more at the same time.

Furthermore, despite the availability of technological solutions like reading apps and devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, physical books were also found to be the most widely read material among those polled.

More insights

The research commissioned by Indigo went on to provide some further insights into how Canadians read and discover new content too. While 38 percent said their next book choice tended to be based on recommendations from friends and family, more than half actually admitted that they simply browse and opt for one which catches the eye.



It was also revealed that many of those polled may well be reaching for books in the coming weeks, with 72 percent being more likely to read in the winter months. Furthermore, there was one overwhelming winner when it came to the time of day that people read, with 75 percent revealing that books were part of their bedtime and evening routines.

Rania Husseini, the senior vice-president of print for Indigo, said the company was “thrilled” that many Canadian adults are continuing to choose to spend time with books every week.

A Classic Pastime

So, while there are a host of streaming services, games, and other forms of entertainment battling for our attention these days, these findings have undoubtedly put a spotlight on how many people across Canada are ensuring that books remain part of their lifestyle.

It will be intriguing to see how these trends develop in the future and whether the country manages to maintain its love for reading in the months and years ahead.


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