New School Year Brings Exciting Initiatives for Students and Teachers

Teachers and students returning to the classroom this week can look forward to more hands-on learning, smaller class sizes and more supports in math and literacy. These are just some of the initiatives being introduced as part of the second year of Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for Education.

“Helping more of our students reach their full potential in math and literacy will continue to be a priority for the new school year,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Karen Casey.

Highlights for the 2016-17 school year include:
–- implementing a new literacy strategy
–- introducing a new math strategy
–- using floor robots for students to learn sequencing and programming
–- providing new innovation and exploration kits that include Spheros and Makey Makey invention kits
–- renewing curriculum for students in grades 4 to 6
–- extending class cap to grades 4 to 6
–- offering Skilled Trades 10 and 11 to more students
–expanding teaching the language, history and culture of Acadians, African Nova Scotians, Gaels and Mi’kmaq
–- increasing the number of reading recovery teachers and math early intervention teachers
–- developing a student attendance policy
–- providing new and improved resources for parents and guardians.

More than 117,000 students are starting school this week. Recognizing the vital role of parents and guardians in their children’s success, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is introducing a newsletter to help keep people informed of what is new in the classroom. To learn more go to

“This is an exciting time of the year for both teachers and students and I want to wish everyone a safe and happy school year,” said Ms. Casey. “We will continue to work with you to provide the resources and supports you need to succeed.”

The Action Plan is based on feedback from more than 19,000 Nova Scotians including teachers, students, school support staff, school boards, universities and the business community. The plan focuses on fundamental changes to renew, refocus, and rebuild the education system for the first time in a generation.

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