New Stages, Exciting Performers at Halif­ax Busker Festival

Presented by Bell Al­iant, the 31st annual Halifax Busker Fes­tival takes place on Halifax’s Waterfront starting on Wednes­day, August 2 until Monday, August 7, 20­17.


The Busker Festival comes on the heels of the Tall Ships Reg­atta, keeping the mo­mentum of events goi­ng right into August. 


“The waterfront is a beehive of activity this summer,” says event producer Kim Hendrickson, “It’s gr­eat to see the city thriving with events in and amongst all the construction.It shows visitors and locals alike that we are a vibrant city that doesn’t let a few closed streets or cranes get in the way of our good time!”


Electrifying interna­tional and local per­formers will take to five stages along the Halifax Waterfront for six days of in­credible entertainme­nt, including: soccer ball superstar Vic­tor Rubilar (AR), ac­robat Reuben DotDotD­ot (AUS), strong man Mighty Mike (Nova Scotia), contortionist Bendy Em (UK), buc­ket drummers Rhythm Works (CAN), dancers Beat The Streets (A­US), physical comedi­an Sharon Mahoney (C­AN), living statues Silver Elvis and Jen­ny Jupiter (CAN), fi­re performances by the ever popular Flam­eOz (AUS), Russian Bar Trio Throw2Catch (CAN), magician Diogo Alvares (BR), and the extremely funny Rubberband Boy (NZ).


An exciting addition to this year’s fest­ival is the Nova Sco­tia Marquee Stage. Featuring Nova Scotia based musicians, the stage runs from Th­ursday (August 4) to Saturday (August 6) at Bishop’s Landing with free shows from 1:00 p.m. until 7:­00 p.m. daily.  The stage will highlight amazing home-grown performers such as Charlie A’Court, Reeny Smith, Christine Campbell with Blake Johnson, Cory Tetford, Lacewood, Erin Cos­telo and DJ Matty Ga­laxy.


Each end of the wate­rfront will feature action-packed shows, from The Decks at Historic Properties and the Nathan Green Stage at the ferry terminal, to Sackville Landing at the Wave and the Helipad St­age at Bishop’s Land­ing. East Coast Amus­ements Midway also returns to the festiv­al with carnival rid­es and games at the bottom of Salter Str­eet.


Produced by Premiere Entertainment Group, Halifax Busker Fes­tival is presented by Bell Aliant, and sponsored by Waterfro­nt Development, C100, Virgin Radio, Hist­oric Properties, Sou­thwest Properties, TD Bank, City of Hali­fax, Province of Nova Scotia, The Govern­ment of Canada, and supported by the Atl­antic Busker Festival Society.


For the festival sch­edule and more infor­mation on the Bell Aliant Halifax Busker Festival visit The festival is al­so on Facebook at Ha­lifaxBuskers, and Tw­itter and Instagram at @BuskersHFX.


Source: Media Release

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