New trucks prepared to join the HRFE fleet

When you think “fire department,“ you can’t help but to think of the iconic red fire engine.


These workhorses are the staple truck of fire departments world wide, and Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency are preparing 2 new trucks to enter service in the region.


Engines carry a wide assortment of life saving equipment to a variety of service calls such as medical, vehicle collisions, and ofcourse, structure fires.


They can hook into hydrants and tankers, and provide patch service for water supply.


The trucks, currently located at the fleet mechanical service, are in the process of having radio and communications installed and programed, identifying decals installed, and being prepared and inspected for active service.


** The mechanical division is vital to keeping the fleet rolling. They perform frequent vehicle inspections and maintenance to the entire HRFE fleet as well as preparing new trucks to enter service.



Sean Dewitt

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