New Year’s Twitsolutions

New Year’s resolutions are a nice idea… eat better, work out more, stick to a budget, save the world… all good things to do. I haven’t really settled on a real life resolution yet, so in the meantime I’m making some Twitter-related resolutions. So here are the improvements I’m working on in 2012.

5. Find out what a “MT” is. It took me a while to figure out RT. This will take some investigative work.

4. Report spammers. Often. When your picture is of a celebrity and your Twitter name ends in a series of numbers, I’m on to you!

New Year’s Twitsolutions

Oh really IsaacBritsch454? You may look like Dr. House, but I never tweeted such a thing. Leave my name out of your faux retweets!

3. More pictures. People like pictures. What kind of pictures will I post? I can’t say for sure yet. I don’t have a pet or a baby or anything cool like that, so I’ll work on finding some great subject matter. Suggestions welcome.

New Year’s Twitsolutions

I’m not very influential about the New York Jets. But influential, nontheless.

2. Not feel so distressed when my Klout has dropped dramatically. On one hand, Klout is kind of fun. Yet somehow I find my mood can be altered by a massive drop in my Klout score.  Why oh why does this arbitrary online rating get under my skin so? I have no idea – especially given the fact that it appears to be completely baseless. Klout, how did you deduce that I am an expert on the New York Jets? I cannot currently, nor could I ever, name  a singular player on that team. Where are you getting your information?! So I’m done with you. (I mean, I’ll still sign in… sporadically… and feel good when my score goes up.) But I’m done worrying about it.

New Year’s Twitsolutions

Kelly Oxford is a great tweeter. I anticipate that with my new and improved tweets, I’ll soon have 275,000+ followers too.

1. Try to tweet mainly funny/interesting/useful things. I know that what’s funny to me may not be funny to you. I also know that boring, banal tweets sometimes just make their way into the daily rotation. But given that I greatly appreciate a hilarious tweet or a link to something cool, I will try to be a model tweeter (not to be confused with a model who tweets – that’s a resolution for 2013).


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