Nicole Always a Classic Coca-Cola

The last shade in Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola collection is Always a Classic Coca-Cola, a bright shimmery red.

It is interesting between me and a red nail polish.


I feel a little too formal, too “red carpet” with it, while I have no problem wearing any other bright, even neon nail colours (or red lipsticks even).

Having said that, Always a Classic Coca-Cola is a really nice traditional red. I put on 2 coats here for depth. If you have enough polish on the brush, you can get away with just one coat.

The only problem I have with this red is that it stains my cuticle upon removal. You can see a bit of that left on my middle finger when I tried to remove the polish left on the side of the nail.

In comparison, OPI Coca-Cola Red is a bright red cream instead of shimmer. OPI collection is larger with extra Vanilla and Cherry Coke inspired shades, plus 2 new 100th Anniversary shades this year.

On a personal note, June will be a crazy month around here, with Squirt “graduating” elementary school and so many things to get fixed in the yard and pool. I am losing my blogging mojo, help!

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