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Night at the theatre!

Night at the theatre!

Night at the theatre!
This was Halifax yesterday! Looks the same today. So much snow and all at once. Instant winter here. Really glad I got my snow tires on.
Last night, my mum and I had some fun. We went out to dinner and then saw Neptune Theatre’s Christmas production of Jungle Book! The streets were sparkling,the lights were twinkling and downtown Halifax looked very festive.
Night at the theatre!
My pictures are a bit blurry, I was snapping in a hurry and in low light, but you can see how pretty it looked. We had a bite to eat at The Argyle, which you can see on the lower right.
Night at the theatre!
I am still on my new plant-based, no added oil eating style and eating out can be a challenge. Luckily they make fire cooked pizzas and I ordered a Greek one, substituting sauteed spinach for the cheese. YUM!
Night at the theatre!
We then did a bit of window shopping before stopping in to the Middle Spoon for something sweet. Alas, there was nothing for me so I had a glass of red wine for dessert:)
Night at the theatre!
Then it was on to NeptuneTheatre! This year’s Christmas Musical Production is an adaptation of The Jungle Book and was written by Eric Hughes, directed by George Pothitos. Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale tells the story of Mowgli the man-cub. He was raised by wolves in the jungles of India, surrounded by a varied assortment of wild animals. Mowgli learns about friendship and the importance of loyalty as he tries to find his place in the world.
Night at the theatre!
I loved the atmospheric set! The sounds of the jungle piped in as we sat, helped to really set the stage. Lots of song and dance in this play! My favourite characters were the “naughty dancing monkeys!” No really. What a great job they did with their fabulous moment in the spotlight.
Alison Somerville was really terrific as Bagheera the Panther, she had the lovely languid cat movements down perfect. Lucas Meeuse as Mowgli, was energetic and likeable.
I think children will really enjoy this holiday production. It was great to have a night out at the theatre!
Night at the theatre!

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