no more tv in this house.

When we left for vacation 3 weeks ago we cancelled our satellite. For me, this is easy…most of the time it’s just background noise that I’m yelling at my husband to turn down {does the sound of the news drive anyone else absolutely crazy????}.  I’ll miss HGTV, but it’s nothing that I can’t catch on my computer once in a while.

The kids don’t watch too much TV as it is, but when all of us need a break from each other, it’s easy enough to pop in a DVD for a half hour. And my husband got used to watching the news on his iphone while we were traveling.

With 8 months of the year being snowy and ridiculously cold, the last thing any of us want to do is stay inside watching the tube anyways. Aaaand I think we both got fed up with paying $80 a month for hundreds of channels and nothing ever to watch.

Feeling very content that it’s gone  :)  Nobody missed it today.

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