Northwest Arm seawall to cost $4 million to repair

Info via Councillor Linda Mosher.

Last year we heard that parts of the seawall along the Northwest Arm were crumbling and need repair. This is described in a consultant’s report which you can view here.

According to the Mosher report, the recommended fix will cost about $4 million to complete. “Due to our current fiscal situation, we cannot afford the entire amount in one year, and the project will be prioritized over a number of years. This year $250,000 was approved to fix the worst section, at the Dingle. Previously approved funding of $200,000 is being used for temporary repairs at Regatta Point and any other areas as deemed necessary. Staff is finalizing the details for a granite stone seawall which is very complicated as they have to source the stone and have the proper design to make sure it can be feasibly built.”

I also reported on this for CBC News, and you can see that report here. The comments section has also had a lively discussion if you would like to check that out.


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