Not So Long Now

April seems impossibly far away in the dead of winter.

As I spend my days walking to and from work in negative temperatures, trying to avoid slushy puddles and giant snowbanks while complaining about this city’s complete inability to make the roads passable, I can’t imagine that in a few short months I won’t be needing the winter boots, fleecy gloves and ice scrapers. I won’t be worried about falling into snowbanks or find myself wondering if I have bundled up enough for the day. Instead, I will be enjoying sun and rain showers and flowers and the fresh smell that spring brings.

I will be enjoying a brand new baby who will enter into our world.

April seems impossibly far away.

We have three more months to get ready for this baby. Three more months to decide if we will move into a bigger place before or after I give birth. Three more months to clean the house, set up a bed, reorganize baby clothes, and decide on a birth plan. Three more months to start discussing names. Three more months to feel completely and utterly overwhelmed. Three more months to really come to grips with the fact that our family will be growing to four.

Because it really hasn’t sunk in yet.

Not for me at least.

Whereas everyone else is pretty sure I will pop any day.

People ask me how much longer I have. “How many more weeks?”, “Must be soon now!”, “Where are you going to put three more months of baby?!”. My boss announces my arrival to meetings by saying “Here comes Laura and the quadruplets!”. My husband is jokes that I might go into labour at any time.

And I laugh. And I say “I still have a full trimester left to go!”.

The point is, I am huge. Or at least I look huge to those around me. And I guess I am feeling huge whenever I waddle hither and thither or every time my hips start to ache in the middle of the night.

But I still don’t really notice it until I turn sideways in a mirror. I never really reflect on just how far along I am until someone comes up to me and forces me to realize that this baby is only a mere trimester away from making his or her arrival.

Not So Long Now

28 weeks pregnant

One trimester. Three months to realize that it is time to start planning for baby number two.

Only three months.

April isn’t that far away. Not really.


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