NOTD: Another glitter sandwich

I have always wanted to do a purple and blue glitter sandwich, it’s the matter of remembering the idea when it’s time to do my nails.
I decided on OPI The Color to Watch, and remembered it was sheer, perfect for a sandwich mani. So LA Girl Glitter Addict in Aqueous came in to play. If you remember, the LA Girl Glitter Addict line is really in-your-face intense.
This is under direct (late afternoon) sunlight. At this angle, the mani looks very subtle, which I like sometimes.

The general idea of a glitter sandwich is to tone down the glitters though still let them to peek through. For me, another reason that this type of layering works is that it is a lot easier to remove if I don’t put the glitters directly on the nails without a base layer. I’m too lazy to do the foil method to remove glitters.
This is with flash, the blue glitters show up a tiny bit better, but are still subtle, which isn’t the case IRL. It’s just hard to photograph. Check out more pics below to see what I mean.

Low light setting here to show you how sparkly the mani actually is, and to also show you how the colour of the glitters changes depending on the light source (after being changed by a coat of OPI The Color to Watch on top).
Please ignore how dark my skin tone is in this lighting. Guess I can’t win on both counts – true colours on the nails and on the hand at the same time. The camera has once again shown its limit in this case. I hate it when this happens, as I’d love for you to see how pretty this mani really is.

And lastly, the close-up.
Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. Heard Toronto has some kind of heatwave, while it’s high +11 here, and rainy too lol.
I’m a little sad that my plan to attend IMATS LA this year is pretty much a no go at this point, but I’m hoping to go home to see my family near the end of the year instead. It’s a crazily long trip, but I kinda need to see them this year. They are all I’ve got, and I need to de-stress somewhere full of love.
Do you have any great nail combos lately? I need inspiration 🙂


Office of Kelly Regan, MLA – upcoming events

Office of Kelly Regan, MLA – upcoming events

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