NOTD: Barry M Dusky Mauve

I guess by now, all of us have heard of Barry M and its wonderful products that are so hard to come by if you don’t live in the UK. And the good news is there is something we Canadians can do about that.

Barry M is considering getting into Canada and we can help by showing support on their Facebook page. I know we all want them here, so see you there!

I was kindly sent a few goodies from the brand to try out. My package came with:
– Dazzle Dust #3 Pink/ Gold
– Nail Paints #313 Dusky Mauve and #296 Coral
– Lip Paint #147 Peachy Pink
– Liquid Eyeliner #3 Electric Blue
– Super Soft Eye Crayon #9 Matte Pink
– Lip Gloss Wand #2 Toffee.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to test out all these products, but you can guess, by the tittle by this post, which item I dived in to try first 🙂

I am so grateful to see Dusky Mauve in the package. This shade has always been in my mind the moment I saw swatches of it on nail blogs.

Being a dupe of a famous (expensive) shade – Chanel Paradoxal, if you don’t know already, Dusky Mauve already has an advantage against other shades. Besides, as I mentioned before, purple has grown on me tremendously since I “devoted” my life to nail polish. And what wonderful about this shade is that I feel like I wear 2 different nail polish at once. The purple sheen only comes out under flash or direct sunlight, while the base colour is a pretty deep dark chocolate/ plum kinda shade. I love them both. This first pic is what Dusky Mauve looks like with a direct flash.

And this is it again, with indirect flash.

The base colour is what you can see most of the time on your nail and the purple sheen comes around once the light hits it right. Don’t expect a duochrome here, as that’s not Dusky Mauve is about.

Application was good, I used 2 coats for this mani. You can get away with one thick coat if you like the semi sheer look. I like its dark depth, so I put on an extra coat.

The brush is the typical polish brush, not wide or extremely stiff. The handle gives good leverage during application too.

I couldn’t help but showing you one more pic. You can see the purple best in this shot. Are you sold on it yet? 🙂

I found it interesting that it is recommended on the bottle that you shake it before using, and use a base coat underneath. I always have a nail hardener as a base coat with my mani, but I don’t normally shake the bottle, unless the polish has been separated inside, to avoid bubbles. I didn’t shake Dusky Mauve, as I didn’t see any reason to.

I’ll be coming at you with more swatches/ reviews for the rest of the goodies, stay tuned. Let me know if you prefer to see any items up first. In the meantime, make sure you visit the facebook page I linked to at the top of the post.

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