NOTD: Barry M Royal Textured Glitter

I finally bought 4 shades from Barry M Royal Textured Glitter nail paint collection (Fall/ Winter 2013), reg. $7.99, on sale $4.99 each on FTB Beauty.

I find the textures not overly gritty, easy to wear.

The glitters sure make things pretty but note that they might linger on your cuticles on removal.

First shade is Lady, like sparkling snow, 2 coats on middle and pinky fingers. For accents, I did one coat each on top of Soft Coral from Yves Rocher’s Summer 2015 nail polish collection on index and Finger Paints Hula Aruba! on the ring finger.

Next is Duchess, described as a nude texture with silver chunkier glitters, 2 coats, very sparkly. The accent nail has Majesty (bottle shot in the pic on the right), a light gold with darker gold glitters, as base.

Lastly, Princess, a pink with silver and gold glitters, 2 coats on the index finger, which looks like a light peach.

On the other 3 nails, I used Yves Rocher Perfect Light Pink underneath for a more opaque base. I think I prefer Princess on its own 🙂

My favorite is surprisingly Princess, a pink I can get along with, and Lady is the IT shade for winter or a great topper for any nail polish. Duchess and Majesty are neutral enough for work, if you can get away with glitters. I like all of them 🙂

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