NOTD: China Glaze In the Rough

We are exploring China Glaze Texture line today.

First off, this line offers a more hard core texture, i.e. the shades are more rough/ gritty on the nails.

If you are still on the fence about texture finish, don’t start with these 🙂

This is In the Rough, 2 coats. The pic was taken outside on a cloudy day, no flash, which gives you a better colour accuracy. It is somewhere between a mint and a pale yellow, quite unique from the texture shades I have tried. However, my hand for some reason appeared more “lobster-y” in this lighting. You can’t win 🙂

The next 2 pics were taken with flash. They show off the texture much better but yellow out the colour quite a bit. Excuse my camera for having a mind of its own.

Besides being more textured, China Glaze In the Rough is also less opaque than say Jesse’s Girl Frosted Gumdrops. I couldn’t get away with just one coat, which also resulted in more gritty finish after the second coat.

Again, as a texture lover, I did not mind the sand like feel on my nails but thought I should mention these differences, in case you plan to try China Glaze Textures.

Brace yourself for the closeup of the sands. What do you think? Have I warned you enough?

On a another note, I am slowing getting back to 5 days a week posting, thank you for sticking around during the downtime on the blog. I have so much to blog about, just can’t sit myself down long enough. By the look of it, it might be September by the time I can settle down a bit. But on the bright side, August is my birthday month 🙂

Also don’t want to sound cheesy, but thank you for your nice comments on my latest FOTD with all my flaws. You guys are the best!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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