NOTD: China Glaze Re-fresh Mint

You have probably heard all the buzz about China Glaze Up & Away collection by now, including how hard it is to get them from Sally around the country. There have been hunts for favorite colours and disappoinment of the empty displays in stores.

When I saw them in my Sally 2 weeks ago, I only picked 2 colours from a full display, which is a shame cause now I am in a bit of a hunt for more shades, for me and for a friend, tonight 🙂

Anyway, this is Re-fresh Mint, a light mint, very very lovely colour. However, as you can tell from my messy application, I didn’t really have a love affair with it.

First coat was horrible, it was streaky, uneven and thick. I had a hard time controlling how much polish to get on the brush. When I got to the second coat, it was a bit better but I couldn’t even out everything, and the layers were a lot thicker than I wanted them to be.

As the colour is way too beautiful to be wasted, I’d come back to try and try again until I can get good application out of this baby. I had it on for 2 days, had a small chip at the tip of one of the fingers, so I took it off and painted my nails with another beautiful colour that you’ll see very soon. But Re-fresh Mint, I’ll be back! Lol.

I hope you could find this collection at your Sally (don’t forget China Glaze is 2 for CAD8 this month). If not, I guess e-tailers is the way to go. It’d be nice if they don’t charge too much to ship to Canada, but it’s the long story we always have to deal with, isn’t it?

Important note: If you have been waiting forever for the day Sleek Makeup revamps their website for online ordering, the countdown is on, literally, on the front page. It is at 11 days right now, won’t be too long of a wait. Are you excited?
Source: Lydia from Alice in a new Wonderland.

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