NOTD: Claire’s Magnetix Green

Remember my first two magnetic NOTDs – Icing Magnetix Gold/Green and Icing Magnetix Pink/Burgundy – when I said it was sure a learning curve? I since have learned a few tricks to work with magnetic nail polish from the nail blogs I read. I put them in use with this mani, hope you can see the difference.
This is Claire’s Magnetix Green that I showed you in the Weekend finds post yesterday. The colour looks nothing special in the bottle but I am really happy about how it turned out when magnetized.

First off, Claire’s did a much better job with the brush for their Magnetix than Icing. I had a perfect brush in this bottle, and that certainly helped with application. And also because Claire’s seems to have more shades (and cheaper price) than Icing at the moment, I totally recommend Claire’s for Magnetix.
Second, it did make a BIG difference to apply 2 coats of the polish before you bring in the magnet. I know Magnetix are more expensive than their regular nail polish, even with the BOGO1/2, and they are one coaters, you don’t really want to do an extra coat. But the magnetic effect is a lot more intense and sharp with 2 coats. Compare this mani with the first two I did (links above) and you’ll see.

This close up shows you the flaws in the mani. Every time when I couldn’t keep my finger still under the magnet, the lines came out a little blurry.
Same as when I pulled the magnet out too early. Give the polish time to set the lines – I would say about 20 seconds, you will be more happy with the result. Trust me!
And there’s always the issue of touching your nail to the magnet – like the spot you see on my ring finger. I just need to get better at it 🙂
One last thing to say about this mani, the 2 coats make it looks more 3D, you know, like cats’ eyes, thanks to the strong magnetic effect. I am mesmerized. So give the Magnetix a try and let me know what you think. It is so much fun!


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