NOTD: Claire’s Liberty shaken

I always have a thing with Claire’s 3-layered polish when I see them in store. Knowing already that only the first layer would show up on the nail (see my Claire’s Liberty NOTD post for proof), I still can’t help myself, lol.

The burning question is what the colour would turn out to be if we shake the bottle (against the warning on the cap “Do not shake”). And on Friday night, I did it. I shook the bottle.

This is Claire’s Liberty, shaken, after 2 coats. The original layers were hot pink, white and blue, mixed all together to become a magenta. Althought there are shimmers in the bottle, they don’t show well on the nails.

I did not experience any bubbles as the possible result of shaking the bottles – still not recommend for other polishes though 🙂

I love the shaken colour, but wanted some more for a weekend manicure. I topped it off with 2 coats of Claire’s Meg Peg, magenta fine glitters in sheer purple/ almost clear base.

It’s Meg Peg in the bottle picture. It looks gorgeous in the bottle but shows up very sheer by itself. Perfect for layering.

I love how this turned out. Can’t say that I have anything similar in the stash, though I haven’t swatched them all, lol. Never thought I’d love colours in the purple family, but I do now.

This is the closest to the real colour, in natural indirect light, by the window. With a top coat, it’s so shiny, and the glitters of Meg Peg shine through. I am loving it 🙂

It is snowing this morning here. Switching between rain and wet snow, yuck. We were planning to go see “How to train your dragon” with Squirt, don’t know that’s gonna happen with this weather.

I also want to thank you all for sharing my exciment in my Sparkled Beauty goes to IMATS LA post. You are awesome! Now the planning of what to do, where to go would be hard 🙂

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