NOTD: Claire’s Paparazzi

Another shade from Claire’s Splatter nail polish line to follow Flashing Lights (a blue), this time it’s Paparazzi, a pink 🙂

A quick glance shows that the glitter size combination in Paparazzi is similar to Flashing Lights, small white hexa with mini/ medium/ large pale pink hexa & bar.

However, the bar glitters are a lot more fine in Paparazzi, hardly noticeable when it’s applied on top of a pastel/ light base. And there is black hexa floating around in there too, which Flashing Lights did not have.

For a change, I am showing you a dark vampy base with Paparazzi today.

This is LA Girl Color Addict in Intoxicate, a beautiful dark plum purple. That gorgeous gold glow in the bottle you see in the pic unfortunately hardly transferred to the nails. The gold sheen might be buildable if I do more coats of Intoxicate but that was not the purpose of this mani, so I didn’t.

Nonetheless, Intoxicate was opaque in 1 thicker coat or two thin coats. I love the whole Color Addict line for its colour options and payoff. If you still can find them where you are, grab a few 🙂

Closeup on the glitters, just to make my point lol. I’d probably repeat myself, but I’m just glad more brands are jumping on the multi-glitter wagon with reasonable price range.

Upcoming is Avon with their Urban Splatter line, $6.99 each. The bottle is smaller than Claire’s (12ml vs. 15ml) while costing a bit more (Claire’s is $8 but BOGO1/2). Just like textures, chunky glitters are fun to play with but not for everyone 🙂

Did you try Claire’s or Avon version, or other brands? What do you think?

I am trying to enjoy the last few days of August (and the long weekend) before Back to School season. Though it’s only relevant to students or parents of some, Halifax is a university town after all and we’ll all feel the impact soon enough (crazy traffic and public transit, influx of students everywhere, etc.). Brace yourself 🙂

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