NOTD: Collection 2000 BMX Bandit

I have a fun NOTD for you today: Collection 2000 Hot Looks in BMX Bandit.

This is a UK brand, not available here yet. I got a few bottles through a swap. I picked this shade as it was a popular one at the time. Wasn’t really sure I would like it but once I have it on my nails, I love it.

It’s a greyish blue colour in the bottle. On the nails, depending on the angle and lighting, it can look purple-ish blue, greyish blue or just blue. Very interesting.

See in this second picture, the colour appeared differently. Both were taken at night, with flash. I know blue and purple are the hardest to photograph but I don’t have a picture in the sunlight, unfortunately.

I love all the variations of colours that this shade offers. It only takes 2 coats, and application was easy. The bottle is tiny, and the brush isn’t big either, but it didn’t bother me.

Squirt just had her first baby tooth taken out at the dentist this morning. She did so well, I was relieved 🙂 The dentist gave her a bracelet with the little heart-shaped compartment to store her tooth. Cute, lol. And the weather looks very promising too, so I am having a good day so far. Hope you are too.

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