NOTD: Cult Nails Living Water

Morning! My calendar said Spring has arrived, and it does feel like Spring. Knowing how quick the weather can change here, I just hope the sun stays around for a bit longer.

I have another Cult Nails shade to showcase today, the shade that drew me in the first time I saw it: Living Water.

Like its sister My Kind of Cool Aid, Living Water is an awesome polish. This proves that whatever Maria was and is doing with the formula, she got it right. I might repeat myself here, but despite the round cap that some of you might dislike, application was really easy.

I know Living Water looks a little like black in this first pic, but the close up pics below would show you that it is not. And don’t forget to click the pics to enlarge for better view.

It is a dark base, packed with blue and silver fine glitters that are actually visible on the nails.

I wanted to experiment the colour in different finishes, so the ring finger was matte, and the rest were glossy. And I love both looks.

Obviously, the glossy top coat would bring out the shine even more, the blue flash is just mesmorizing. But the matte look was not anything less exciting, and it is a lot better IRL. The glitters seem to flow on the surface and shine really well too. I know my description sucks, you will appreciate the beauty of Living Water better when you see it in person.

And it is again, once more. Love the white ink on the label (instead of black as in MKoKA), as it shows the beautiful font of the words, not being hidden by the really dark background of the colour. Attention to details, we say?

Wear wise, Living Water couldn’t beat MKoKA‘s 4-day record, but it lasted a good 3 days on me. The matte top coat seemed to compromise the wear a little, I’m not sure, but my ring finger chipped first.

So it’s 2 wins so far with Cult Nails, and I have no doubt there will be more down the road as the brand expands. I’m hearing Maria might bring in a few frankens from fellow bloggers, wouldn’t it be cool?

I do have a haul coming up soon, but I’m hoping to be able to grab a few more things tonight and put them all together in one post. Hope you will tune in tomorrow 🙂



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