NOTD: Del Sol Ruby Slippers

This is what I wore on the nails last weekend – My very first… Skittles mani.

The bright shades are Claire’s fine glitter polish, from index to pinky: Jen Jen, Meg Peg, Yel and Julius.

These colours have the exact same finish but not the same opacity. Jen Jen took 4 coats and was still sheer. Others took 3 coats, Julius might only need 2 coats even. It’s a neon bright orange but showed up like a reddish coral in the pic.

But the star of this mani is Del Sol Ruby Slippers on the thumbs. If you haven’t heard about Del Sol nail polish, they change colour in the sun. This picture was taken at night, so Ruby Slippers is a silver glitter polish in clear base.

A close up on the thumb on the left, nothing exciting really, but check it out on the right under the direct sunlight.

Now the true Ruby Slippers came out as a glittery red polish. It was totally changed on my nail already but still in the process of changing in the bottle, which is quite cool.

I am all geeky about polishes like this, kept checking my thumbs whenever I was in the sun. The colour switch was almost instant, very fun to watch.

We were running around like crazy in the weekend, so this was the only pic in the sun that I took of my nails, sorry 🙂 I have heard that Ruby Slippers is one among the shades that show the change dramatically, so I might get to the other colour from Del Sol that I own to see whether the quality is the same.

I kinda dig the idea of a skittles mani, just a quick way to wear multiple colours on the nails all at once, lol. Might feel a little childish at times, but I liked it. Have a great one, and don’t forget to enter my Summer Birthday giveaway. Cheers!

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