NOTD: Del Sol Trick-or-Treat

Judge by the name of this post, you can tell I’m getting into Halloween spirit? It is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, and I was by myself at home prepping this post. Gotta find motivation somewhere.

This nail polish totally deserves a post with lots of pics. Consider yourself warned.
This is Del Sol Trick-or-Treat, originally released last Halloween, limited edition. I was happy to grab it on clearance off Del Sol website last year, as the Del Sol store here did not have it. Happy to report that it’s back this year, on their site and at Lawtons around here – with its own special display.
This is how Trick-or-Treat looks indoor, taken the night I painted it on, with flash. A cool orange with multiple-coloured fine glitters.

A blurry pic to show the glitters – I saw orange, green and gold, really pretty in the bottle. On the nails, it’s more subtle, but still visible. This was taken near the window, no flash. Wish I could take a pic of this orange in the sun, I bet it would look awesome.
The colour is quite sheer, I used 4 coats but didn’t mind it as I love it a lot. Another thing I like, maybe irrelevant to some of you, that the bottle has some spider web prints on it. Appropriate for the occasion.
Ready for the fun part?

This is right after I stepped out the door but was still in the shade. The colour started to change already, loved it. It happened fast though, I was snapping happy right on the grass near the entrance. Didn’t want to miss the excitement.
Now I had a dirty orange, almost grey on my nails. The glitters were still there but not visible in the shade, like I mentioned before. I only saw this shade for a very short time, but wouldn’t mind having it in a bottle for later 🙂
I tried quite a few Del Sol colours before but haven’t been fascinated this much with the shades I see during the colour change.

Close up on the colour in the shade. This shows you the colour change the best. Note that the colour in this pic is darker than in the pic above, naturally, as the pics were taken a few seconds apart.
Look at the bottle, one side of it still looked orange but the other was already quite dark. And I wasn’t even in the sun yet. Amazing, isn’t it? Some readers did tell me that their Del Sol didn’t change in the sun. I’m glad this one did, even though I haven’t used it since I bought it last year.
It might still be early to tell you this (keep reading if it is), but you need this shade 🙂

This is 5 seconds after the first hit of the sunlight on the nails (and bottle), we have a sheer dusty purple.
Again, I love how the bottle shows the almost holographic glitters so well.
As there will be more pictures, I’ll just let them do most of the talking.

About 10 seconds after, the purple got darker, like a franken when you keep adding black to the original orange.
Feels like I got a bargain, paid for one bottle and got many colours packed in it and taking turns to show up 🙂

10 more seconds, a vampy purple we had.
You can see the glitters on my nails quite well in this pic. Feel free to enlarge the pic for full view.
If you’ll be in and out of the sun a lot during the course of the day like I did, the colour change goes crazy, mostly you’ll see between the orange and this shade.

And THIS is Trick-or-Treat in full swing when you stay in the sun long enough. It is almost black, still with the beautiful glitters shining through.
It was just pure luck that I had a sunny day to picture Trick-or-Treat. We had a really cold front two days in a row, with the temperature dropping to -2 (28 Fahrenheit) windchill. I was getting ready for winter, but then it jumped to 25 (77 Fahrenheit) just like that. I’m not complaining.
Hope my Canadian readers have a great Thanksgiving. Squirt was having a sleepover, so I was all by myself. Miss my family.


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