NOTD: Gosh Milky Way

It’s October! I have been out of town for a conference this week and fly back this afternoon. Me not operating with a routine results in posts not on their regular schedule either, sigh.

So we have NOTD Wednesday instead of Thursdays 🙂 This is Gosh Star Dust (Pearly shiny finish) in Milky Way.

Can’t say for sure if the Star Dusts are LE, cause I found them on regular shelf as well as a separate display. I quite enjoy this type of finish, and Milky Way is a pretty colour too.

The name is quite appropriate, isn’t it? Milky Way is a light grey with gorgeous and strong silver shimmers. The shimmers lighten the grey base, making the colour quite unique in my stash.

However, for full opacity, this polish takes 3 coats. 2 thick coats would probably do it too, but I ran into a little application issue. Not very visible in the first pics, but as you will see in the closeup, the polish did not layer well.

I definitely left enough wait time between coats, so this should not happen, but the second layer refused to go all the way to the edges. The result was exposed edges and/or streaks running along the nails.

I am not sure if the base coat had anything to do with this as I haven’t worn Milky Way again since this mani. I hope it did, cause I like the polish enough to be disappointed if it has a layering issue. I’ll report back when I test it again.

Beside that, Milky Way is a pretty colour that I can imagine on my nails all year round.

In other news, I went to the Sephora they had here last night, hoping it was bigger and carried more brands. It was unfortunately not the case, but I did get 2 Sephora Rouge Shine lipsticks on sale and some GlamGlow mask samples to do a little pampering when I got back to the hotel.

I am trying hard to be good and save $ for the never-ending wish list of holiday sets on Sephora website. Don’t know how well that would work though 🙂

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