NOTD: Hard Candy Jubilee

Taking a break from textures, we have glitters today 🙂

Remember when Hard Candy announced their new nail polish release and everyone rushed to Walmart? Feels like it has been a long time now, so I thought I should post about one of them – Hard Candy Jubilee.

I don’t know if anyone complained about the small bottle size yet, but I am going to. I used one of the Sprinkle shades about three times and it looked like it was a third empty already 🙁 So with Jubilee, I went for a coloured base, to save on the glitter goodness and save time at removal.

The base for this mani was China Glaze I’m with the Lifeguard, 2 coats as it was a little sheer. On top of a darker green base, this would look like a swamp, as that was what I thought of when I saw the glitters. However, I aimed for a summery neon look, to brighten the base of Jubilee a bit.

Also did 2 coats of Jubilee for more glitter density. The interesting combination of glitter shapes, sizes (hex, fine and bar) and colours (silver, black, red) makes this shade quite unique, from a drugstore line.

Some bloggers experienced the curling issue with the bar glitters but I didn’t, during the 2 days I wore this mani. Pheww!

Just take a deep breath to enjoy the beauty of Jubilee closeup 🙂 I know bar glitters aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I like them, something different in the stash.

Anyway, besides the small size (which might not be a bad thing to lots of you, this is just my problem lol), I am loving Jubilee. The good thing is none of these collections are LE, so I am in no rush.

Enjoy the sunshine out there and please wish me luck for the move this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be back to regular posting schedule soon.

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