NOTD: Hard Candy Pop Rocker

You know that I could not wait to dive in the “pool” of new Hard Candy nail polish I got in the Weekend finds post yesterday.

Featured today is Hard Candy Pop Rocker, one of the new Candy Sprinkles shades. To me, Pop Rocker is the most unique, thanks to the red bar glitters being in the mix with black bars and multiple white hexa sizes.

I went for a subtle look with this mani for work, but I was itching to try it over an orange, a Halloween-inspired look anyone? I know this type of glitter mix is not for everyone, but I dig it.

Application of Pop Rocker works best with dabbing motion, as you might have guessed. I swirled the brush around in the bottle to pick up more glitters, then deposited the polish on the nail before slightly spreading the glitters out. Repeat when necessary. Take advantage of the whole brush, not just the tip, to get glitters on.

The base is La Couleur Couture 1992, a very pale pink, only a tiny bit more pink than my natural nail colour. This is 2 coats, not fully opaque but works for the purpose of this mani. It gives a delicate vibe, doesn’t it?

A closeup view of the glitters. See how the red bars stand out on top of the white hexa shapes? Maybe if Hard Candy replaces white with orange, or makes the base orange instead of clear, Pop Rocker would definitely be a Halloween polish 🙂

Yeah, I have Halloween spirit a little early. I can’t help it with the low temperature September offers us this year. It was 4 degrees/ 39F this morning 🙂 Winter has taken over!

On a more positive note, 3 local Target locations open today. I am waiting for my Target card to get here so I can get some saving on. What do you think about Target Canada and what they offer us Canadians?

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