NOTD: Icing Rock Star from Mars

I couldn’t wait to dive into the Icing treasures I picked up, so I tried the first one right that night I came home.

This is Icing Rock Star from Mars over LA Girl Color Addict in Hypnotic. I’m glad I can show you both nail polish with this post, as they are both very pretty.

As this first pic has Hypnotic bottle, let’s talk about it first. The colour and application were great, I only used one coat to layer and it was decent. If you wear it alone, 2 coats would totally get rid of the VNL. Again, the Color Addict line has not disappointed me at all.

The only thing that stops me from worshipping Hypnotic is that it stained my nails. I did have a base coat on (as always), and wore it for 2 days. When I went to remove it, my cuticles and fingers (where I touched the cotton balls) turned blue-ish green. After a few few extra nail polish remover swipes and hand washes, it wasn’t too bad anymore, but still wasn’t pretty to see. Just so you know.

On to Rock Star from Mars. I don’t really care it is a Charlie Sheen nail polish but I adore the colour. It is one of the prettiest blue-based glitter shades I have seen. Doesn’t it look like a pool under the bright sun at an awesome summer resort, packed into a bottle?

Rock Star from Mars is sheer and meant to be used as a glittery top coat rather than a nail polish on its own, so pairing is key for this one. The gold (and pink and silver) glitters in it enhance the gold sheen in Hypnotic. I would say they are a pair made in heaven.

It was a sunny morning when I took pics, so I was a little snap happy. You can’t blame me, right? 🙂

The glitters shine through each and every pic in natural light, I didn’t even need flash to show them off. And for once, my camera did a good job capturing the real blue colour.

I couldn’t stop staring at my nails during the day 🙂 There will be more experiments in layering Rock Star from Mars with other coloured bases, maybe in a little more nontraditional ways. What do you think it would look good on top of? Or would it look good as a glittery French on top of a matte colour?

Last pic, blurred out to show you the glitter effect, if the first 3 pics didn’t do that for you already, lol.

In short, if you have an Icing near you, go pick up at least one glitter nail polish they have and try out. Perfect for summer occasion.

Hope everyone had a nice break over the weekend/ holiday. My best friend was in town yesterday, we had a good time meeting up for dinner. Wish I could make more friends like her around here.


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