NOTD: Joe Fresh Jade

This mani was supposed to be about Funky Fingers Under Mistletoe as it was the first bottle I pulled out of my melmer. But another bottle stole the show, love when that happens.
And that “evil” nail polish was Joe Fresh Jade. I have had Jade for quite a while now but haven’t worn it. I bought it for the name first, reminded me of the jade bracelet I wore all through university. The colour is gorgeous too, don’t get me wrong. It really shines on the nails.
So the story was I was going to paint my nails with Funky Fingers Under Mistletoe but thought it might be sheer, so I tested it on my accent nails.

And yes, it was sheer, 3 coats and still VNL. A beautiful chartreuse colour leaning toward yellow, lots of shimmers, but sheer. So I had to find a base colour for it. And Jade came to the rescue.
Among the Joe Fresh bunch I own, don’t think I have come across a sheer shade ever. It’s probably because the brand makes a lot of cream shades. Anyway, it took 2 coats for Jade to appear evenly pigmented, and I found myself loving it so much that I almost skipped Under Mistletoe on top of it. But here it is, with 2 coats of the chartreuse. It loos a lot sparklier IRL than what my camera can capture here.

It’s always awkward to deal with the bottle shape of Funky Fingers nail polish, lol. It is a triangle with a long handle. My fingers didn’t line up well along side of the bottle, so I helf the bottom side instead.
Hope you are enjoying a day off with Family Day/ President Day if you are lucky to live where these days are observed. My girl friend gave me a ride to the mall in the weekend for some shopping, so I’m in a happy mood. It’s crazy what visitting my regular stores can do to my mental health, lol.


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Good value

Good value