NOTD: Julie G Hot Cinnamon

A personal update before we get to the NOTD. I added a countdown widget on the top right of the blog last night, yes that’s how much time I have to pack before moving into the new place.

I am excited but also nervous to do this on my own. Wish me luck! 🙂

Moving on …  Continuing the texture trend, and heading toward summer (hopefully), I have Jesse’s Girl Julie G Frosted Gumdrops in Hot Cinnamon today.

It is a raspberry red with gold shimmers, and it is hot 🙂 I don’t say that too often to a red nail polish, so you know it is special enough to deserve that.

This is just one coat, with no top coat to maintain the textured finish. Textured one coaters have replaced matte nail polish as my finish of choice when I have to paint my nails right before bed (yes, that happened more often that I care to admit, lol).

Though this is still bright, I found it is an easier start for someone who is shy of strong colours, instead of a right out red. And the gold shimmers which is less visible on the nails than in the bottle (see below) doesn’t do a bad job in grabbing your attention either.

I know Jesse’s Girl is not widely available in Canada (though they ship internationally on their website), but if you come across the Frosted Gumdrops line, I would definitely suggest you give it a try. I am happy that a friend helped me buy the whole collection, as I can’t pick just one favorite among them.

See the shimmers in close-up?

And if you need more persuasion, Hot Cinnamon is confirmed to be a close dupe of OPI Magazine Cover Mouse from the Couture de Minnie collection. Definitely a cost saving alternative!

So go put on a bright nail polish, or bright lipstick, and enjoy the summer that we are going to have. I’ll probably spend most of my free time with boxes and packing tape, so have a drink for me when you are out having fun 🙂

I’m hoping to blog as usual through the next few weeks, but if things get crazy and I go MIA, you know why 🙂

Thank you for reading the blog and sticking around with me.

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