NOTD: Kiko Rosso Glitter Sparkle Touch

I am super late in trying this colour out, considering my Europe haul was from last year lol.
This is Kiko Rosso Glitter Sparkle Touch #237. I don’t know if this colour is discontinued, as it is not on Kiko website anymore. Their nail polish is on special sometimes for €2,50, great time to buy if you live where the brand is available.
I like Kiko from what I have tried so far, it just sucks that we don’t have access to it here in Canada.

I know this is more of a summer colour, but I needed to talk about something bright and warmth today. We had a frost warning last night, and it was 8 degrees (about 46F) when I left the house this morning. Sure it is warming up but I’m not ready for this type of weather just yet. I still have a number of dresses to wear without being bundled up.
Anyway, this is 3-4 thin coats of 237, in natural light. It is sheer but buildable, work best as a glitter top coat if you aren’t into putting on so many layers of it.

I personally don’t mind that, as I found painting my nails are relaxing and comforting. It is actually a way to slow down my breath (like yoga). I try to keep the brush off the cuticles at all times, so if that fails, I know that I was impatient. Very therapeutic huh?
The gold and pink shimmers/ flecks are subtle but more visible with flash in this last pic. These, and the reddish pink base make it a very cheerful nail polish.
I hope I cheered some of you up. I needed it too. It’s just Tuesday and I’m ready for the weekend already.


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Party in the Kitchen – #LoveSobeys