NOTD: Lise Watier Violet Dore

I found a new love in the world of nail polish: Lise Watier Violet Dore.

You  might remember seeing it from my Super Redemption haul from Shoppers back in December when I went Lise Watier-crazy lol. The Jingle Belle collection is LE, and you might not find it anymore in store, and I’m sorry I posted about Violet Dore too late. I just forgot about it until I tried to put some of the makeup away and found it in one of the shopping bag.

This image was provided by Lise Watier, when I went nuts after seeing a blog post about the collection. I knew that I would have to have Violet Dore and knew that I would need it for my blog post lol.

The other nail colour in the collection is Rouge Braise which I didn’t get. Wasn’t sure the duochrome would show up well in it. These retailed CAD12 each. Now let’s get on it with Violet Dore, shall we?

I’m gonna show you the picture with flash first, as usual but don’t be turned down by how Violet Dore looks here, as the flash brought out too much purple and not enough gold. Take my words for it (or scroll down for more pics, lol) that it is one of the most beautiful purple colour I have owned, not mentioning the gold flash that is quite blinding under most lights.

I applied 2 coats on all nails except the ring fingernails, as I wanted to experiment the sheer look. At one coat, the polish has a jelly-like sheerness which surprised me quite a bit. In short, I like it both ways.

First pic in indirect sunlight, no flash. The purple looks a lot more subtle here, doesn’t it? And this kind of purple, I can wear all the time.

This is how it looks most of the time, unless I bring my hands closer to my face. The gold sheen is very pretty as well, reminded me of the kind of flash you see in Hard Candy Mr. Wrong but a little stronger.

Wish I had a better camera with good macro shots so I can show you how pretty it is. I don’t normally splurge that much for a nail polish (well, I redeemed points for it, but still…), but I totally recommend it if you can still find it at Shoppers.

And to add on the extreme beauty of this polish: its wear. I put it on Thursday night and took the next 2 pictures Monday morning. Day 4 and all I saw was very minimal tip wear. No chips, whatsoever. Can we say LOVE already?

By this time, I already went ahead and added Claire’s Chunky Gold on the ring fingers as I wanted to enhance the gold sheen on it. Couldn’t go anywhere (Squirt was sick, like I said in yesterday’s post), so I had some time to fool around. But seriously, this is a very rare case that my mani lasted more than 3 days without any chips. $12 well spent, don’t you think?

Here it is close up so you can see the tip wear, most visible on my index and middle fingers. As always, the thumb always looks the best after a few days of wear but you can’t see it here lol.

So there you have it, a great nail polish from Lise Watier, a Canadian brand. I’m so proud 🙂 They gotta make more nail polish like this one, as even at this price, I’d haul a few more, guarantee it!

If you saw my haul post (mentioned at the beginning of the post), there were 2 more Lise Watier nail polish I got as part of a gift set, both shimmery but no duochrome flash.

How’s everyone doing, we’re at mid week already. It is back to freezing cold around here today, -11 (-22 with windchill, and believe me, the wind here is brutal). Stay warm!

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