NOTD: Mood Struck #7

Phew, it has been a busy day today. I didn’t dare to go to the mall but we went groceries shopping with the bf’s parents. His mom has some “designated” stores in London where she likes to get meat and vegetables from, so we went on a trip. Hope everyone is finishing up Christmas shopping, so you can sit down and relax for the holiday.

This is a mani that I have been wearing to work a lot. Well, the colours are mild enough to not draw too much attention, and it’s a mood colour which gives me the natural French mani look without the extra effort. Love it!

This is Mood Struck #7 (the last digit of its bar code, as there isn’t any name) I got from a US swap. You can see the #10 shade in that post as well, also a nice work safe colour but  I prefer #7, as the cold colour (a peachy pink) is more visible.

You can see the natural French tips in this shot. As you could imagine, these mood nail polishes work better on long nails. I got a break on my index nail and had to chop it off, hence the tip colour hardly showed up on it but did very well on the other fingers.

The warm colour (a nude beige with a slightest tint of pink) was a bit boring, so I added Color Club Si Vous Please! on top – as I always have.

This would be a good holiday colour too, not close to red but festive enough. I wore it to the Christmas party at work last week 🙂

Another angle of the mani. I totally love how this shade turned out on the nails. If you have a chance to grab these, don’t miss them. The colour changes are quite visible. It feels like I have 3 manis in 1. When I was outside in the cold, I have darker pink nails. When I was inside, my nails look like in the pics. And when I washed my hands with warm water, the whole nails turned nude beige 🙂

However, note that the wear of these Mood Strucks isn’t as great. I get about a day and a half out of them each time, so if you are looking for long wearing nail colours, these won’t be it.

My Glowing Beauty giveaway was closed last night. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Replay: Rainmen 114, Kebs 104 (December 17)

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