NOTD: Nicole by OPI DC Lover

This is one of my favorite shades from Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola collection – DC Lover, inspired by Diet Coke.

The colour theme seems to play up Diet Coke’s packaging and not the beverage itself, as DC Lover is a sheer silver shimmery foil with tiny red hex glitters.

I did not use a base colour under 2 coats of DC Lover here but would recommend it, unless you want the VNL peeks through a bit. Application is problem free and removal is not hard either.

Considering its counterpart in OPI Coca-Cola collection – My Signature is “DC” being a silver foil, I like this Nicole’s version a lot better.

As promised, I am giving Nicole by OPI The Look is Orange justice after the previous fail of a sponge mani on In Grape Demand.

Inspired by Fanta Orange, The Look is Orange definitely has that squishy cream look but I find the colour is more red than the actual Fanta.

Not complaining though, as I love the finish so much and prefer DC Lover than Orange You Fantastic! from OPI Coca-Cola collection, which a yellow texture with orange and silver glitters.

Two wins in one post for Nicole, that’s something! Now if only we can have an easier-to-hold bottle shape, that would be golden 🙂

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