NOTD: OPI Can’t Let Go

Hi everyone, I am away at the moment, so the regular “weekend finds” post will have to wait till later in the week and we’ll talk nail polish today 🙂

This is the love of my life (well, besides Squirt and my family lol) for the last few weeks – OPI Liquid Sand in Can’t Let Go from the Mariah Carey collection.

For those who still have doubts with the Liquid Sand finish, don’t, cause they are incredibly awesome.

I took these pics a few weeks back when snow was still an ordinary thing to see on the ground. Since then, I have worn this colour twice, as I couldn’t get enough of it. This first pic was taken on a cloudy day with no direct sunlight, no flash.

This is two coats of Can’t Let Go. No top coat was used, as I appreciated the sand like texture of the Liquid Sands.

This was indoor, with flash. What the pic cannot show you well was how sparkly the lavender glitters looked on top of the purple matte and textured base. It is unusual but awesome. And Can’t Let Go is purple, on top of all the good things above. Love is in the air!

The way Can’t Let Go looks reminds me so much of a piece of raw amethyst geode where the inside sparkles like crazy while the rim is more subtle. And now I want an amethyst necklace pendant, to match my nails 🙂 Do you guys do this, or is it just me? Yeah?

Closeup of the mani, with low light. The colour appeared a little darker, closer to how it looked IRL.

And removing Liquid Sands was a little harder than removing regular nail polish, as you can imagine, but no where near as painful as it was with glitters. It sure was a relief and a brownie point 🙂

Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was great, landed in TO near midnight Friday, seeing some awesome bloggers on Saturday (4 hours didn’t seem to be enough, and I’m seeing more blogger friends tonight!), mochi/ snacks and clothes shopping + dim sum on Sunday. And a Harry Potter marathon with my friend (and Squirt) at her new house. Why can’t this be my daily life? 🙂

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