NOTD: Orly Glam Rock

My very first…” Orly, and it’s matte. Yay!

This is Orly Glam Rock, from the Metal Chic collection. I am missing one colour from this collection but very happy about the 2 I got with the Boxing Week haul II.

My first experience with a matte polish, I kinda like it. First, the colour does have a lot to do with that. Second, it applies easily and dries up so quickly (which means no smudging/ denting). 2 coats give you perfect opacity. And third, no top coat needed, so it is a quick application, just great when you are in a rush.

Thursday night, the bf commented that the matte finish made the polish look a little boring, lol. Didn’t want to change this colour for the weekend yet, so I added a bit of China Glaze Cleopatra to the tips – like I normally do. All the lovely bright colours have to wait until next weekend 🙂

It was freezing yesterday around here (I’m talking -26 with windchill), and it’s probably the same for the weekend. Hate going outside but I’ll have to. Stay warm you guys!

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