NOTD: Quo by Orly Celestial Star

I have to come clean and admit that I have been defeated by my camera. I wanted to bring this NOTD to you the moment I put the nail polish on but faced with tremendous issue of colour accuracy.

I have taken close to a hundred pics, in different light sources and white balance settings, it just didn’t work. I was so frustrating, but decided to still post this, as there are information I want to tell you about.

This is Quo by Orly Celestial Star, the shade that I didn’t already have the Orly dupe. It is breathtaking IRL, a deep deep sapphire blue with beautiful blue shimmer. At certain angle, the pink sheen came out slightly, beautiful, I tell you.

Under flash, too much green came out, and made the shade look like a teal. I tried my best, you just have to take my words on this one.

The next two shots were taken with low light, which somehow brought the colour a little closer to its true shade. You can also see the pink shimmer in the bottle with this pic.

What I want to tell you about Quo by Orly nail polish? It is awesome! Despite the fact that some colours in the line are existing Orly shades, they are of good quality. The shades I bought have beautiful shimmer which shows up on the nails.

Application was really easy, the brush is awesome – not as wide as OPI’s but wider than Orly’s, and stiff enough for easier manipulation.

And like I mentioned, the $10 price tag was a little more than that of regular Orly nail polish, while the bottle size is smaller than (14ml vs. 18ml). I would suggest watching the sale for the brand, as Shoppers put Quo products on sale quite often. And right now until October 7, you can earn 20 times Optimum points with $25 Quo purchase. However, also watch the display, as there are only 3 bottles of each shade on there 🙂

I will be bringing you more swatches of the line, so make sure to come back.


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