NOTD: Quo by Orly Light Years

I love a glitter polish that is opaque on its own! This is Quo by Orly Light Years, the doppelganger of Orly Gravity Bound from the Galaxy FX collection.

It hurts my Canadian heart a little when Quo only gets recycled shades from Orly’s existing collections. However, reappearance of shades means those who missed out on Orly’s release in Canada have a second chance with Quo.

Just watch when the Quo shades go on clearance though, as Quo nail polish retails $10 normally, not very budget friendly.

On one of those clearance occasions, I found a bunch of Quo by Orly bottles at my Shoppers for about $4 each. I heard certain locations sold them off for like $1, depending on your luck 🙂

I am glad I picked up Light Years as I absolutely in love with it. This is 2 coats, no base.

Granted, it looks amazing in the bottle but once on the nails, the dark navy becomes so deep. That, paired with the fuchsia fine glitters and chunkier white glitters, and we have ourselves a galaxy mani with no effort.

Like all glitters, it does take a bit more effort to remove but nothing extreme. I am willing to put up with that to have the galaxy on my nails again.

So either Light Years or Gravity Bound, just pick up a bottle for yourself if you come across one. Sorry I am late posting about this one and it might be hard to find now.

I’ll continue to show you other shades from the same collection as I get around to wear them. It’s a struggle to decide either glitter or texture to put on lol.

Sephora VIB sale madness started early for Rouges yesterday. The site was down a few times, I managed to get orders in (a few Formula X shades were on clearance, while we are on nail polish topic). But I am a day early for ebates’ 1-day double cash back offer on Sephora today 🙁

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