NOTD: Quo by Orly Prismatic

Following the success of Dark Emerald, I couldn’t help but putting on another shade from Quo by Orly Fall 2014 collection, a beautiful copper glitter called Prismatic.

A complete opposite of Dark Emerald, however, Prismatic is not opaque on its own without too much layering. I opted to use it as a top coat, on 2 different bases.

The bases deserve some raves themselves, so I’ll show them at the end. This is pretty much a win win mani as all 3 shades turn out to be equally awesome 🙂

Prismatic does not look like much in the bottle, a copper glitter as I described above. But it is the type of glitter top coat that brings out so much beauty in other shades.

Over a traditional red (on my ring finger), the coppers do not stand out strongly but add a beautiful shine and bring the red up a few level of cuteness.

On top of a black, omg, Prismatic turns into a pink/ copper and old green duochrome glitter. I don’t know how that even happens!

I think this pic taken with natural lighting, without flash, shows the duochrome effect the best. Imagine the mani even more glowy IRL, definitely a winner.

A reader told me this collection has gone on clearance at her local Shoppers, so if you want Prismatic or any shade, go now. But if you already have Orly Brush It On, you don’t need Prismatic 🙂

Here are the closeups for ya, like I haven’t shown you enough of Prismatic.

Now it’s the bases’ turn to show off.

I gotta give a shoutout to The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polish once again, as both colours I used here are one coaters, pigmented and so easy to apply. No bald spots, no streaking.

Smoky Rose is one of the best blacks I have tried. If the line as a white that is as good, I’d be all set.

Relish the Moment has its own merit. A beautiful classic red, which I do not wear often but can appreciate it nonetheless.

So, have I sold you on Quo or The Body Shop with this post? 🙂

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