NOTD: Quo by Orly Sapphire Sparkle

Thank you everyone who tuned in for my Quo by Orly series. I am slowly getting through the minis for NOTD posts and hopefully will have a finale with links of each post as a summary at the end.
This is Quo by Orly Sapphire Sparkle, the second shade I tried from the set. Like I mentioned before, there are a lot of reds from the core line (and from this set itself) which makes me appreciate other colour families a little more. So I’m glad we have a blue today!

Sapphire Sparkle is a straight up blue shimmer, the colour stays true to what you see in the bottle. This is 2 coats, good opacity and application.
One thing to note though, it dries semi matte on itself. I would recommend a layer of top coat, unless you are after a non-shiny look. I didn’t want to dim the shimmers, so I didn’t try a matte top coat either.
This pic is actually my favorite, considering how crappy my camera is lately 🙂

This third pic on the left shows the shimmers best though. Low light, with a different angle did that. I couldn’t grab any sun pics yesterday, so we have to make due with the florescent lights in my office.
So I like it, the colour and the shimmers on it, and the name. Another great shade, Quo and Orly! Whether it’s worth getting in full size is up to you though, as it is a bit pricier than other drugstore brands. I’m happy with my mini.

What do you think of this blue? Darker, Fall appropriate?
Feel free to leave me a comment if there’s a shade from the set you want to see next, to save me the dilemma of choosing 🙂
It’s a gorgeous fall day around here today, not warm but sunny with clear sky. I couldn’t wait to break out some items from the fashion haul I posted yesterday. You guys didn’t seem to enjoy it though, let me know if I should just concentrate in beauty products instead, so I don’t go on and on.


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