NOTD: Quo by Orly Simmered

Summer was back in Halifax yesterday when the temp reached 24 (and felt like 30). Can you believe it? I left the house with a sweater and a trench early morning, definitely did not need either of them a few hours later.

My nails was seasonally appropriate for once (I am still wearing it now) with Quo by Orly Simmered. Such a fabulous purple (darker and more blue than it looks here) leaning dark fuchsia pink that enhanced my skin tone very well. And then the shimmers sealed the deal!

And if you are wondering (you should), it is in fact Orly Hot Tropics in a Quo bottle 🙂

I don’t know how I did not have Hot Tropics, but by the time I knew I wanted it, it was nowhere to be found, even at Sally clearance sale.

I found Simmered on clearance at Shoppers for $4, of course I grabbed it. And then I spotted a bottle of Hot Tropics randomly at Winners for $6, lol. I guess it was the universe telling me I need at least one bottle of this colour.

I used 1 and a half coats in this mani. One might have been sufficient but I added a thinner coat for colour intensity and extra shimmers 🙂

You can see the gold shimmers very well here. They are more intense under flash, of course, but are visible under natural light too.

Forgive the colour inaccuracy, as it is always the case with purples and my camera.

So, if you are like me and don’t own either Orly Hot Tropics or Quo by Orly Simmered, you should start hunting it down now. Note that they were part of a Summer collection, might be a little hard to find but is not impossible 🙂

It is still quite warm today, considering we are in mid October, so I am going to enjoy the weather, pretty much like “slow down and smell the roses” right?

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