NOTD: Quo Dark Emerald

Quo by Orly has released their Fall 2014 collection (quietly, as almost always), including a 6-colour nail polish display. I grabbed 2 bottles, the first one is Dark Emerald.

It is a dark green with blue undertone and green/ turquoise shimmers, what not to love? What I was not prepared to see is it has a (semi) matte finish, which makes the shimmers glow beautifully.

This first pic was taken after 2 coats of Dark Emerald, without a top coat, when the colour reached its full potential.

If you prefer to let the blue tone shows through a little (left below), stop at one coat. Just make sure to have enough polish on the brush to avoid streaks/ bald spots.

On the right above is Dark Emerald with a top coat. Deep, dark and sultry with gorgeous shimmers, definitely a winner!

Here’s the closeup of the shimmers on matte base of Dark Emerald. Equally beautiful on the nails and in the bottle. I could not get enough!

So I end up liking all 3 versions of this polish, which it gets bonus points for. However, it loses some points for not being unique/ original. If you haven’t realized already, Dark Emerald is just the Quo bottle of Orly Smoked Out from the Smoky collection, also out this Fall.

And, unless on sale, Quo (at Shoppers) has higher price range than Orly (at Sally). End rant!

Have you spotted the collections? Would this dark shade put you in the mood for Fall yet? Fill me in 🙂

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